First, Let's Get Acquainted!

If you'd like to carry my line, please first contact us at to introduce your store. We want to assure there are no ordering conflicts with nearby stores. Once we've established you as a wholesale account, you can order in three easy ways:

1. Place Your Order Online

Click here to order online using Etsy Wholesale

Note: Partnering with Etsy Wholesale allows me to keep prices lower and focus on what I do best: making artwork!  However, there is one quirk in their system: if your store is within a territory serviced by one of my reps, for admin reasons we will need to cancel your official order on Etsy and re-issue it through our system. This will not affect your order and you won't need to do extra work or place your order a second time.  Your order will still be processed and shipped in the same amount of time as usual, for the same price.

2. OR, Email or Fax us with your order

You can email your orders to: or fax them to 877-395-1668

3. OR, Order Through Your Local Rep

My reps are always happy to schedule an appointment to show you my products in person. If you don't know your local rep, please contact me and I'm happy to connect you.