To carry my line in your store

If you'd like to carry my line, please first contact me at to introduce your store. I’d like to assure there are no ordering conflicts with nearby stores. Please note that you may not sell my items on Amazon. Once you’re established you as a wholesale account, you can order in these easy ways:

Email or Fax us with your order
You can email your orders to: or fax them to 877-395-1668

Order Online (NEW!)
Place orders via my online wholesale shop. Email me for shop link.
Credit card orders only.
Please carefully read notes on the first page before starting to order.
(This is a new store, and I welcome feedback. Please forgive any issues… just let me know about them and I will fix them!)

OR, Order Through Your Local Rep
My reps are always happy to schedule an appointment to show you my products in person. If you don't know your local rep, please contact me and I'm happy to connect you.