I have spent many summers on the Chino Farm in Rancho Santa Fe, California.  Each season the Chino family grows hundreds of varieties of the most gorgeous fruits and vegetables.  In addition to providing their produce to top-end restaurants in the area, the family runs a small roadside farm stand that has provided fresh produce for the community for decades.  

Getting a chance work at the farm and get to know the wonderful Chino family and their wide and diverse community of friends and customers has been one of the most important and cherished influences on my life.

The sensory bombardment of the vegetables and fruits laid out at the farmstand mixes vibrant colors and textures and patterns with the most delicious smells and tastes.  

For many summers I would work during the day and then bring home the prettiest vegetables to draw at night. Even now, I visit periodically to recharge, visit my friends, and see what's growing.  All my vegetable illustration is inspired by my experiences on the Chino farm.

My vegetable illustrations have been mentioned in the LA Times, Remodelista, Apartment Therapy, and 7x7SF Magazine. They are now part of my line of stationery, housewares, and gifts, and can be found online and in stores across the country.