OVERSTOCK SALE: Fog River cards, pack of 10 assorted


OVERSTOCK SALE: Fog River cards, pack of 10 assorted


Year after year, while I was living in the Berkeley Hills, I would plant a garden in the spring and cross my fingers for a warm summer. May and June would be gorgeous, the weather would turn warmer, and my hopes would rise for a big harvest of tomatoes, watermelon, peppers... my own private farm bounty.

Then, around the beginning of July, a river of fog would come pouring through the Golden Gate and hit our house square on, and linger for the next couple of months. All the plants would decide they no longer wanted to participate in my grand experiment. I don't think one ripe tomato ever made it off the vine!

After a number of years I finally gave up. As a consolation prize, I created these product labels. They're my tribute to the farm-that-never-was, and also a grudging nod of respect to the Bay Area's very unique weather patterns!

This assortment contains a random selection of 10 Fog River folding cards, plus 10 brown kraft envelopes.

Cards sized approx 5.5" x 4".
Cards are blank inside. The outside of all cards say "Fog River", "Produce of USA", and "Berkeley, CA".
The assortment will be random, but as varied as I can make it based on the cards in stock.

Available while supplies last.


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