There's a side of me that definitely loves a little subversion mixed with humor mixed with art.  That made working on this parody with author Matt Cole a supreme joy.  This is a version of the famous classic that actually has a plot, and a good one, too.  Matt did an incredible job on the text, making a simple poem deceptively complex. I enjoyed adding another layer to the story using the illustrations.  The black and white pages were carefully designed to mimic the original compositions, and the color pages match, more or less, the original layouts (though they didn't have cases of Red Bull back in the day).

The little bunny of the original book is all grown up and has made some really unfortunate life decisions. This book chronicles "the day after".

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Note that this is only a parody, has nothing to do with the original book, and was not endorsed by the author or his estate. It's meant in fun, and isn't meant to be read by children.