I'm an amateur birder and love finding and identifying birds. One of my favorite backyard birds is the Oak Titmouse, which has quite a dapper 'do and also a funny way of eating: it will grab a single seed out of the bird feeder and hop up to a separate perch to smash the seed into submission, before returning to the feeder for another single seed. 

I'm also partial to the Hermit Thrush, who hops around with its head up and its speckled breast bobbing through the underbrush.  He seems like such a tidy, proper, prim kind of guy.  One time we found some huge finger-sized grubs in an old firewood log-- they were pretty gnarly... huge waxy white bloated things with these tiny legs and flat, solid black faces-- and, not knowing what to do with them, we put them in a planter tray in the backyard.  The Hermit Thrush was the only one who would touch them, and he gulped them down with gusto.  Big ups. Never judge a bird by its cover!

A few years ago I started on a project drawing birds in gardens and wild settings, and it kind of got away with me.  Each year I add a dozen or so more images.  Not sure I can draw all the types of birds that exist but it's a fun goal to pursue!

These illustrations are now part of my line of stationery, housewares, and gifts, and can be found online and in stores across the country.